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Who We Are

iTECH was founded for one reason – to prove that quality web design can also be affordable. Our web design agency employs talented and experienced web designers and developers from various backgrounds, each bringing unique skills and talents to the team. We understand that your website speaks volumes for your business – we're here to make sure it says all the right things.

Working from our offices in Pakistan & UAE, We've helped dozens of businesses of all sizes build, manage and optimise their most crucial online assets. Our comprehensive range of services includes web design and development, content management system integration, strategic consultancy, search engine optimisation, web marketing, database development and so much more.

We tailor unique service packages in accordance with the goals, budgets and deadlines of our clients. iTECH is committed to delivering results through hard work, dedication and constant innovation. We bring together outstanding technical skills with genuine passion for what we do, resulting in the ultimate service package for our clients.

iTECH is a web design agency that combines small business values with big brand performance.

All we need is your vision – the rest you can leave in our hands.

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What We Offer

With so many people viewing websites on their phones, we can get your website to respond to whatever screen your audience sees it on.

Web & Mobile Application Development

We will make your website editable for you to make changes to the content whenever appropriate. We work with WordPress, Magento, Drupal etc.


Nowadays, everyone has a website, so we want yours to stand out. We can do this with an interactive front end development that engages your audience.

Software Application Development

We will create a logo and a brand guideline for you that will not only make you look good but also professional. Such instructions can be moved to your website.

Photography & Creative Design

We're building all of our websites to be SEO friendly, but we can also help drive people to your website so you're noticed by Google.

Content Writing & SEO

We're bringing Google Analytics to all of our websites so you can see how many people the content is visiting. We're going to help analyze the data so you can see where improvements can be made.

Digital Marketing

We Develop Your Business Needs
  • Our proven e-Commerce growth strategy speaks for itself, because we provide satisfaction to our clients.
  • IT Outsourcing Solutions: iTECH provides effective technological software solutions that support your business growth.
  • Multi Channels: We help you enter multiple channels by ensuring your store, orders, inventory and fulfillment work seamlessly together.
  • Speed To Market: Start selling direct to consumer in less than 60 days with our advanced technology and team of eCommerce experts.

How We Work


The key is communication. We're going to work closely with you to pin down what you want and how best to do it. We're going to put together a plan, a road map that means you won't get lost.


Our projects are with spirit. We are doing architecture because we love it but we are designing performance. We're focused on your customers and what they like and designing your product around it.


We use cutting-edge technology to bring your idea to life! To build a seamless product that works as fantastically as it looks, we have a balanced team of front end and back end developers.


Beginning is just the beginning of the journey! Industry and technology are evolving at a staggering pace. We will work closely with you to refine and improve your product based on real world usage.

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